@jadesclark takes cool pictures of me

I take cool photos of everyone

First cyanotype for my collaboration with @aammyykkiimm :)
Look I have a Webstie

in case you missed the memo, I just launched my website and you can go look at art I’ve made, and even order posters of some of the photographs I’ve posted here :)


I finally have my website together! 

You can view different parts of my portfolio, see past works, and also stay updated on upcoming shows! also by request, for a limited time I’m selling posters of some of my photography.

I don’t self promote a lot because not only does it make me uncomfortable, but I’ve never really had anything worth promoting. I feel I’ve finally put something together worth showing you guys, and this website is a reflection of my life heading in a direction towards my envisioned success. All that being said, I would really appreciate it if you’d check it out, and thank you for all your support.